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Our Milo is the happiest puppy in the world, so healthy and beautiful-he's perfect! He will always remember Judy Judy Judy and he likes to show off and tell everybody how much fun he had when he first learned to play at Heavensent! Judy sent pictures of him every week when he was growing up before he could be separated from his mom. That meant a lot to us. If you are an aussie lover, Heavensent is the place to go and get the best puppies out there!
Colette and Stefy

Milo ~ Red Merle Aussie
Zeke ~ Red Tri Aussie

My Zeke is the love of my life. He loves the water and he loves me (actually he loves EVERYONE). I have a convertible car and he looks so business-like when we are riding - gotta take care of mom and the car! He is so smart and beautiful!
Gail Schmidt
Bosko & Koby
Bosko & Koby
Bosko & Koby
Bosko & Koby

We are incredibly happy owners of two Heavensent Aussies. Bosko is a red-tri and Koby is a red merle. They just celebrated their 2nd birthday this May, and they couldn't be better dogs.

Our experience with Judy and Heavensent was spectacular. I had never been to a breeder before, so Buddy warned me that it might not be pleasant. He couldn't have been more wrong.

Upon arriving to Judy's home in Polk City, I was totally impressed. With almost a dozen adult dogs, and an equal number of puppies, there wasn't even a hint of unpleasant odor. Every crate was clean and the puppy area was, well..immaculate. She didn't even expect our arrival-so it couldn't have been a show just for us.

After talking with Judy, it was apparent that she loved each and every one of her puppies and her adult dogs. She personally tended to each of them, and when we took them home, that became clearer than ever.

On their first trip to our local vet, they made quite an impression. I think our vet's exact words were, "These are two of the healthiest puppies I've ever seen."

All of Judy's close care and attention really showed when we were raising the pups. They were crate trained in a matter of days, housebroken within a matter of weeks, and they were the stars of their obedience training classes. All of our friends ask us why they're so well behaved, and we always tell them that it all started with Heavensent.

From the beginning, Judy made a point of calling and checking in with them to make sure they were adjusting well. She gave us a number of helpful hints on how to keep them healthy and to this day, we think of her whenever we see them.

Choosing Heavensent was the easiest decision we've ever made, and we continue to reap the benefits of Judy's hard work daily. As I type, the boys are wrestling and playing behind me :) I would recommend Heavensent Aussies (and already have) to anyone. Judy is the real deal. Even though she is a diminutive lady, she has a huge heart of pure gold. Consider yourself lucky if you are fortunate enough to become the owner of a Heavensent Aussie. I do!


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