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Legend & Bruiser
Legend & Bruiser

Marissa & Brandy
Marissa & Brandy

Easter Annie ~ Red Tri Aussie
We have two Heavensent Aussies, Easter Annie and our new baby, Ruby Slippers. Our first dog was also an Aussie, though not one of Judy's. She was a great dog, but she did have some health conditions that were of concern to us. When we lost her, we were unsure about taking on the responsibilities again with another Aussie. We knew if we did, we would need to find a healthy pup from a reliable, trustworthy breeder.

Of course we did find all that and so much more with Judy, Hancock and all the Heavensent Aussies. From the day we brought her home, Easter Annie has Ruby Slippers ~ Red Tri Aussiebeen a healthy, bright, energetic and incredibly affectionate dog. Two years later, she is such a part of our family that we've adopted a new addition - Ruby Slippers! And we've found once again all the care, devotion and individual attention given to her that Judy provides all her dogs. So now we have pups that got their start with Judy and Hancock. They are as much a part of our family as Annie and Ruby have become!

The Reed Family
Josh & Chaser
Josh & Chaser
A Boy & His Dog!
Josh & Chaser
Watts ~ Red Merle Aussie
Watts as a Puppy!

I live in Virginia. I found Judy's place online. I was looking for a red merle boy. The breeder I had gotten my other two aussies from had stopped breeding. I had been on waiting lists for a red merle for over a year. Judy emailed me pics of the two red merles she had left. I opened the pic of Watts and knew instantly that he was my dog. A friend and I flew down to Florida last November to get Watts. We spent the day with Judy & her husband. They are such wonderful people! It is so nice to find a breeder who loves each and every dog as much as she obviously does. You could have eaten off of her kennel floors and the puppies had a large play area with toys and a whole row of water buckets. It is the first kennel I have ever been to where all of the adult dogs and the puppies could be loose together and not have any issues. They just played and lazed around under the trees with us.

It was a wonderful relaxing day. Those dogs are Judy's children and she spends every waking hour seeing to their comfort and care. You can see how much each one is loved.

I was nervous about finding a dog online, but I am so happy I did it - my next Aussie will be a Heavensent Aussie without a doubt! Watts fell asleep on the plane coming home. He is the most laid back mellow dog I have ever known. I had just taken him away from everything he knew and I was a complete stranger to him, but he took it all in stride, accepted the situation, and began his new life with us.


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