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Sadie ~ Blue Merle Puppy

My wife Lisa and I were still mourning the loss of our beloved Aussie "Penny" when we heard about Heavensent Aussies. The breeder we got Penny from had offered a free replacement but wasn't going to have pups for many months.

I looked at the Heavensent Aussies web site and thought it might encourage me to at least see the kennels. From the first time I met Judy, I knew this was a special place. Incredibly clean, full of the most friendly, loving, and beautiful Aussies I could imagine. I went home and told Lisa about Judy and Heavensent. The next time I came back I placed my order immediately for a puppy.

The dogs were barely bred and I was already excited about getting a new pup! When they were born Lisa and I started a ritual of visiting every Sunday afternoon. Over the next 8 weeks, we became friends with Judy and Hancock, and I believe always will be. They are both as down-to-earth and genuine as anybody we've ever met. I know money isn't everything, but it should say something that we turned down a free pup, to buy one from Judy.

Lisa and I know that the careful attention to details such as health, correctness, nurturing, and socialization that Judy put in to our puppy goes back to all the generations she's raised before. We are so proud of our little "Sadie"; to us she really has been Heaven Sent.

Chris Smith

Vito & Nicky
Vito & Nicky

My Heavensent Aussie story is a very special one to me. Previously to owning an aussie, we had a border collie which we dearly loved....good old Maxx died of cancer and needless to say, we were heartbroken and vowed..."no more dogs".

About three years later, my husband happened to golf with a guy who had just had a litter of puppies ( who just happened to be aussies ). We went to look and fell in love with Nicky, a blue merle, who instantly became part of our lives.

Now, Nicky was an active puppy and very inquisitive and full of life....we felt that he needed to have some socialization so we took him to obedience class and then to "puppy play time" which he enjoyed but kept picking up every bacteria known to man and actually became quite ill.

Here comes the good part...We had been taking Nicky to the vet for about two months, and trying different medications and finally got him better, but were advised that he shouldn't go back to "play time". The vet technician said that what we should do is get another aussie for him to play with. She had four of them and knew a breeder. She gave me the number and that was how I met Judy and Hancock and all their critters!!!!

We went to see a litter of pups and picked out a little guy which we named Vito (Vittorio). This little red tri bundle of energy has been the best thing that we could have gotten for Nicky. They are the best of friends and are inseparable. And the added bonus....Nicky has had no more health issues.

Judy has got to be the most amazing person that I have ever met. She has the cleanest kennel that I have ever seen, is always working to keep it that way, and loves her "furry kids" with all her being. Even though Nicky is not a Heavensent aussie, she has adopted him as one and he is really becoming attached to her and is as excited as Vito to go and play at her place.

Vito has been to obedience class and passed with flying colors and I am now thinking of enrolling them both in agility, which I know that they will love. I now consider Judy and Hancock to be very dear friends and look forward to every opportunity that I can to spend time at Heavensent. There is nothing that is more fun than playing with a yardful of aussies and watching them have a ball.

Gene and Nancy

Prancie ~ Black Tri Puppy

Dear Judy,
Thank you for the kindness you showed us as we awaited our "new arrival". What a beautiful little girl we received! It is obvious she thrived with the care and compassion you gave her from her birth until now. We also thank you for your calls every day to see how she's doing. You have been most helpful.

Our veterinarian looked at Prancie and highly praised her for her looks, markings, disposition, and most importantly, her health. She was pronounced "WONDERFUL". Our vets office staff exclaimed over the complete and accurate records. They seldom receive records as precise as what you sent with us. It was nice of you to take the time to go over the paperwork. We sure rate Heavensent Kennels as excellent. It was a pleasure buying a puppy from you. We have recommended you and will continue to recommend you as a highly rated kennel.

Thanks again,
Frank and Nathalie


Back in 2001, my husband, Kelsie met Judy at Webster Flea Market. She had just found out that I was expecting. She informed Kelsie that she had the perfect puppy for us. Well, four years later and long story short, she was correct. We have Zippy (Zip Monk), and he is one fantastic dog. Not only did he help bring my twelve year old sheltie, Sterling, back to life, but also absolutely adores our three year old daughter, Lauren. I couldn't even imagine life without my Big Zippy. We have even discussed buying another aussie puppy from HeavenSent when our older dog passes. My family is definitely happy with our boy and the amount of people that stop me when I am out running with him (we do about four miles, two to three times a week) or if we are out in the car, or even just in our yard and want to know what breed he is and rave about how beautiful he is, is amazing. Thank you very much, Judy, for letting us add Zip to our family.

Sincerely Yours,
Carol White

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