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Kassidee & Zip
Zip and Kassidee

It has already been written by others that the Aussies of Heavensent are beautiful, smart, healthy, lovable, loyal, sweet, friendly, fun, social animals. I have definitely found all these qualities present in the Heavensent gang, also. The capability of these dogs to be great companions AND compete in different venues including conformation, agility, and obedience has also been previously mentioned. At least one Heavensent dog is even a service dog! How cool is that!

We own and love two Heavensent Aussies. They are both wonderful guys…simply the best.

Our 3 month old Heavensent puppy, Trooper, was a surprise gift to my hubby from our children and me. When he picked out his puppy, and Judy placed this wiggling bundle of pure aussie love in his hands, my hubby (and the rest of us) were hooked. Trooper is a happy, smart and social puppy with a gleaming black coat. His markings are striking. We get many compliments on his looks and temperament. Trooper is learning quickly, and his playful puppy happiness brings much joy and laughter to all those he is around.

Our 2nd Heavensent Aussie is a 2 year old guy named Zip. Zip is one of the most awesome dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. He has all the qualities mentioned above in spades. He is smart, well mannered, absolutely loving, and never meets a stranger (human, canine or feline). He adores children, and is especially gentle with them. Zip is the most eager to please dog I know. I often catch him watching me as if he’s anticipating my next move…trying to figure out what he can do next to make me happy. Zip is the kind of dog that attracts attention wherever we go. He has an absolutely beautiful coat, and his head is gorgeous; but it is his excellent personality that sets him apart. Zip is such a special dog and has quickly become the dog of my heart. He is simply amazing.

All of the attention that Judy gives her dogs is evident in the puppies she produces. She is totally dedicated to raising the happiest, healthiest, most social puppies she can. They are awesome dogs. When I took 8 week old Trooper to my vet for his “bring home” health check, my vet declared him exceptionally clean and perfectly healthy. He was amazed at the complete health record that came with Trooper. He looked at the shot and worming schedule that Judy had Trooper’s litter on and said, “That’s how it should be done. You don’t see records like this very often.” I have spent a lot of time with Judy and her new litters, and I can honestly say that the love and care her pups receive is second to none.

We certainly consider ourselves lucky to count Judy and Hancock as our good friends, and to have Zip and Trooper as part of our family. Owning a Heavensent Aussie is truly like having a little piece of Heaven, right here on Earth.

Karen Starling

Service Dog Star

I am “Heavensent Kayle’s Wish On A Star”, but to my family, I’m known as “Star” or “Punky”. My story began at Heavensent Aussies, owned by Judy. My mom was looking for her 3rd Aussie. Mom didn’t get to meet me at Judy’s since she lived so far away, but with Judy’s help, that was no problem. Judy was in constant contact with Mom and sent her photos not only of me, but of my parents, my kennel, my litter, and past litters.

Judy is wonderful at picking out the correct pup according to what an owner is looking for! I traveled to Vermont from Florida with the help of Judy, and was exactly what my Mom was searching for!

Judy’s dogs have the best lineage, are of perfect size, temperament, conformation, and intelligence. They are bred to not only be awesome family partners, but to also carry the strong drives needed to “work” and herd. If I may say so, I am not only irresistible, but do my jobs to perfection. My trainer, never having trained an aussie for service dog work, is truly amazed at my capability to be a “wild spirit” one moment and then to be so attentive and responsible the next.

I am an official Psychiatric Service Dog now, and I’m loving it. My Mom’s life was not a very happy one, but with me by her side, things have greatly improved.

When I am not working, I am chasing cats, horses, ATV’s, and just enjoying life as Aussies do. I love to ride on the ATV’s when I am tired along with wagons, sleds, snowmobiles, and in cars. I am very protective of Mom, but only as an illusion. I love everyone!

My 40 pound body is able to herd anything, but also small enough to cuddle easily. I still sleep on Mom’s pillow every night, and she never complains when she awakens to a paw in her face or my warm breath in her ear!

I was lucky to have Judy give me a wonderful beginning in life, and blessed to have her help me get to my forever home in Vermont. I recommend Judy to anyone who needs an Aussie in their life, or just some education on my breed. Judy is a doll and she just loves to talk about her breed and her kennel.

Finally there is one huge problem with all Aussies, especially me. We are big Wigglebutts! We are irresistible to everyone! When going in public with us, be prepared to be delayed as everyone will have to pet us several times and hear all about us! We are not dogs to take on a “quick walk”! I even have to wear a vest with signs on both sides that say “Do Not Pet As I Am Working!”...at least until my vest comes off!

Have an Aussie day!



Here is our beautiful baby, truly heaven sent from Heavensent Aussies. Thanks to Judy, a wonderful and kind woman having a gift with animals and a great knowledge for breeding. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an Aussie in a heart beat and wouldn't give it a second thought.

Melanie & Edward Yee

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