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On February 12, 2003, our beloved dalmation, Baby, died very suddenly from a ruptured spleen. She had just been to the vet and was given a clean bill of health, and the vet at the emergency clinic said this was one of those rare things that could not have been detected through a medical exam or blood work. Needless to say, our family, including our Aussie, Charlie was devastated over the loss.

On April 21, 2003, my husband surprised me by taking me to Heavensent Aussies, where he and my daughter had previously visited, and had picked out a new little puppy for me. I had just started a brand new job that day, and when I got home, my husband put me in the van and refused to tell me where we were going.

We drove for 1 ½ hours before we pulled into Judy’s driveway. And then I saw and heard them – all the beautiful aussies. I began to cry because I knew what was waiting for me. Judy took me lovingly to the new puppies and I saw for the first time my new love – Toby. I fell in love with him from the moment I laid eyes on him. We spent a great deal of time that evening with Judy and her husband and they were both wonderful loving people who love their dogs, horses and each other so very much. Judy watched as we interacted with our new baby, she asked questions and she evaluated us to make sure we would be the perfect fit for the new puppy just as much as he would be the perfect fit for our home. I am glad we passed her test! I love my Toby. He is my baby. He loves to run and he loves the agility equipment at the dog park, and he and our other Aussie, Charlie, are inseparable. I cannot say enough about Judy and her husband and their dedication to these wonderful animals and I recommend them to anyone who is looking for a wonderful breed. Aussies are spectacular dogs by nature, but Judy’s Aussies are truly Heaven sent.

Jenny, Toby, and Charlie

Toby & Friend Charlie

Wrangler ~ Black Tri Pup

Everyone has fallen in love with Wrangler. My folks are not animal people, but now my mom has said that if she had a big fenced in yard, she would get herself one. She has fallen in love with him...and spoiled is not the word.I can not thank you enough. My three year old will not have anything to do with puppies because of their jumping on him, but he begs to play with Wrangler first thing every morning he takes Wrangler out for his run....I am sooooo glad. I was so scared he would not like him. Everyone who comes over...he tells them that Wrangler is adorable..big word for a three year old... and he tells them that the puppy is growing. He cracks me up.

When I read the things on your web site prior to having a puppy, I thought yeah right...this is too good to be true...but it's true. You have some great puppies, and we can't thank you enough. Can't wait till the other one pops out and gets to come to our home.....so we can have a pair of Heavensent!

The Waters Family

This past February I was thinking about getting a new puppy for my senior dog Kelly. Kelly was the love of my life, a 13 year old Sheltie. Kelly had not been eating well so I took him in to see my vet. He suggested some soft food for him. I asked my vet what he thought about getting a puppy with my older dog. He thought it would be a great idea. I didn’t know if I wanted another Sheltie. I chatted with my vet about his two dogs. He had Aussies. When I returned to work that afternoon I started researching breeders. That’s when I found Heavensent Aussies. I immediately checked out the web site with all the beautiful pictures, and decided that I needed to take a ride to see these awesome dogs in person. I spoke to Judy on the phone and she said it was the perfect time to come because there were puppies that were going home that day. I put Kelly in the car and set off for Heavensent.

Judy and Hancock were so sweet. I knew right away that I wanted to get a puppy from them. Kelly and I spent the whole afternoon sitting under the big tree in the yard watching all the new owners arrive. The love and care Judy gives each dog and puppy is truly amazing. Each puppy was as cute as could be. The smiles on the moms, dads and kids were contagious. Kelly smelled every inch of the yard and the barn, almost as if he was checking it out for me.

Before I left that day, I gave Judy a deposit for a new puppy. The next day I returned home from work to find that Kelly had passed away…. I was heartbroken, my best boy was gone. I think he knew that I was going to be OK. Heavensent was going to send me a new puppy to love and take care of. I phoned Judy the next day to tell her, we cried a few minutes and then she assured me that she would have a beautiful puppy for me as soon as possible.

It was Mother’s Day when I got the news, how appropriate. I was so excited. She told me that she had a female blue merle just for me. Her name is Laynee!! The next eight weeks were filled with excitement and anticipation. I couldn’t wait to take Laynee home. I would visit her every week. I looked forward to getting updated pictures from Karen every week. She would change so much. I picked up Laynee on July 7 th. She has been such a joy, full of energy and love. She is just as sweet as can be. Every day I thank God for sending me such a beautiful dog to share my life with. Laynee is truly Heavensent!!

Love, Linda & Laynee

Buddy and Family

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis on October 5, 2005.  Earlier this year, my doctor recommended that I get a service dog to help me with retrieval, carrying things, and to help with my depression.  We have had an Aussie before, so we instantly decided that we would look for an Aussie to become my service dog.  In our search, we found Judy.  I always smile when I think of the name of her business—Heavensent—because that it what we consider her.  She helped us pick out a puppy that has the nicest temperament, one that is beautiful, one that will make a great service dog.  We named the dog Buddy, after my grandfather, as we know that Buddy will always be there for me, just like me grandpa was. 

Buddy has been wonderful.  He adores both of our children, especially my eighteen month daughter.  Watching them is like watching a Norman Rockwell picture come to life, they are so cute.  Buddy is always at her side, and she loves it.  My son is also taken with Buddy, he tells everyone who meets Buddy that “he’s going to be a service dog.” 

We are so glad to have Buddy.  We are working on his training, and we're excited to know that in addition to being my service dog, he will also be our family dog.  Buddy is learning that the vest means its work time, and when the vest is off, he is our playful dog.  (He’s playful all of the time, our training is just starting.)  We are hoping to have Buddy complete the Canine Good Citizen program and then be endorsed as a Service/Assistance Dog.  We already bring him everywhere with us, he isn’t shy or scared.  He is perfect.

We cannot fully express our gratitude for Buddy.  Judy is an angel.  She treats the pups like they are her children, and they all love her.  So do we.  All of her pups are well socialized and sweet.  This is the best experience that we have ever had with a breeder or a puppy.  We are looking forward to a great life with Buddy.  Judy will always be considered a member of our family.

Love, Mary

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