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Cotten is a recent addition to our family. He is a blue merle Heavensent Aussie. Prior to purchasing a pup from Heavensent, we visited the kennel, which was immaculate. Judy introduced us individually to each one of her dogs. All were extremely healthy and sociable. It was obvious that we had come to the right place to purchase a pup.

Cotten is our first Aussie, and based on the reputation of the breed, we had high expectations for his abilities. He has easily exceeded those expectations. He’s the greatest! He’s the center of attraction wherever we go. He’s well behaved and very sociable to strangers and other dogs when he’s introduced. He is extremely healthy and made a big hit at the Vet.

It is a privilege to own a Heavensent Aussie. Judy’s compassion and love for her family is reflected in each one of her pups. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have discovered Judy and Heavensent Aussies.

Tim and Jane



Coleen & Jenny
When I was a child I owned a beautiful blue merle aussie. I am an only child and I considered my dog Casey to be my best friend and little sister. She disappeared after I went to college and I always knew that my next dog would be an australian shepherd, but I didn't think my next dog could ever fill Casey's shoes. Well, when the time came, I looked around the internet for a blue merle aussie. I was immediately drawn to Judy's website. The pictures of all her dogs and puppies were great! The website included enough information so I could make a sound decision and I felt confident that I would not regret getting a puppy from Judy.

At the time I wanted a puppy, Judy only had 1 Red Tri Female available. I had my heart set on a blue merle, but I went ahead and got Jenny. Our investment has paid off in huge dividends. My family and I are extremely happy. Jenny loves to be around us and has to be involved in every aspect of our lives.

Jenny is the friendliest dog I have ever seen. She is extremely smart. She is great in agility and obedience. I find myself making training more challenging because she gets bored and likes to continue learning new things all the time. Jenny is also so beautiful. Her coat is so rich and smooth and not to mention her beautiful eyes, also. I find myself staring at Jenny's beauty from time to time.

Jenny has been wonderful with our newborn son, Josh. Jenny loves all the people that come over to visit the baby because they also play with her, too. Jenny has definitely filled Casey's shoes and then some. It would be hard for me to get a dog other than an aussie and it would be almost impossible for me to get a dog from anywhere else than Judy's Heavensent Aussies.

Coleen, Oscar, & Josh Martinez


Jack and his human pal Sean

My wife and I purchased our newest family member from Judy at Heavensent Aussies in January of '07... well... that's when we picked Jack up... we picked him out in Dec. '06.

We have a 12 year old Beagle, 8 year old chihuahua, and 5 year old son.  Our other dogs pay no attention whatsoever to our son and we really wanted Sean to have a buddy to grow up with... a dog that is HIS.

After much research into breeds we'd narrowed it down to an Australian Shepherd.  Next came finding a breeder.  There are a few in Florida but after talking to Judy at length via phone and email... I probably drove her crazy with questions... we were so impressed with her; her breed knowledge, her personality, her professionalism... we just had to go visit her kennel.

WOW !!  Talk about clean and well kept !!  Not only were we impressed with the cleanliness of her facilities but the kennels for each dog and the... I don't know what she calls them... but the seperate areas for the moms & their pups were roomy, clean, and full of puppy toys.

They have a large, and I mean LARGE, heavily wooded, shady area to run and romp around in.  This very much impressed us.

And her dogs... BEAUTIFUL !!  I mean... just look at the pictures on her site... though they pale in comparison to seeing these beautiful animals in person as they come running up to you excitedly barking and happy to see you.

Boy do they know that Judy is Momma... they adore her and it's easy to see why... she takes fantastic care of them and treats them wonderfully.  No dog not treated well would be so happy and loving to strangers, let alone how obvious it is they love Judy to death.  Sometimes they get a little loud and one "HUSH" from Judy and you can hear the crickets chirping, hehehe.  They're amazingly well behaved.

Did you know that when Judy has pups in house she gets up every 2 hours around the clock to make sure the pups are ok?  Now THAT is care !!

Now, onto Jack... what an amazingly affectionate, lovable, smart dog!!  He is everything we'd hoped he'd be for Sean.  Ummm... except that we can't have Jack sleep with Sean as we wanted... whenever Jack sees Sean he wants to play with him... so when we'd let Jack into Sean's room, (Sean goes to bed around 8pm but Jack stays up with us), he'd start bounding onto him, licking him, etc :) They're inseperable and the best of friends. 

We've never had a dog before that had to be constantly with us... our other dogs love us, don't get me wrong... but Jack absolutely must be with us at all times.

And smart?  OYE!!  Amazing!!  He's so well trained already... we've got him in obedience classes... and it almost seems like we don't need it, hehehe.

I could go on and on, but this is long enough already... suffice it to say:  We'll never buy any other breed of dog again... we're Aussie owners all the way from now on... and we'll never buy from anyone other than Judy.  You can't go wrong buying an Aussie from Judy... it'll be the best dog purchase decision you ever make.

Louis, Maura, Sean, and let us not forget... Jack :)

Dylan is wonderful-the true joy of our lives since we brought him home. He has learned so much already it amazes us-when we got him, he would SIT and HIGH 5 on command, and he was crate trained. He now knows the schedules we keep. He wakes up with Terri each day at 430am (he knows the alarm means someone is coming to see him), he goes out, and eats and then kind of hangs out for a while until I wake up around 7am. We make coffee and play for a while, then go outside. He knows when I disappear for a shower and come back wearing different clothing that it means "BED", and he goes there without being asked. He waits patiently for the next few hours until Terri gets home-then its "OUTSIDE", "PLAY", "GREEN" (his octopus friend that he loves), "BALL" (nothing more enticing except cats, food, mom and dad) and "KISSES" until about 11-12 o'clock at night. He knows that when I take him out after Terri goes to bed, it means it is our bedtime as well.

In addition to the words/commands above, he knows "LEAVE IT", "LET GO", "DOWN", "RELAX", "FIND THE BALL", "GET THE BALL", "INSIDE", "SQUEAK IT" (he bites an 'air dog' squeaky tennis ball to make it squeak), and I am sure there is more that I cannot remember. He loves it when we ask "Where are the kitties?" He gets so excited and runs to their areas of the house to try and find them (they have not quite warmed up to him yet). He got some one on one time with one of them the other day, and other than her uncertainty, it was great and cute-he had a new toy we brought home that he took to her and tried to get her to play with him (of course the toy was nearly as large as she is!).

He makes us feel complete-exactly what we needed in our lives. He has so much love, and just adores us both. We adore him right back-our faces light up when we talk about him, we brag to our friends about him, and he is in every respect our CHILD. When you told us that you bred for personality and disposition it was an understatement. He loves everyone he meets, and is equally protective as friendly when he feels the need (mostly when it is dark and we are outside). He loves children, all of our neighbors and looks forward to when he gets to play with other dogs.

We cannot thank you enough-Terri, Myself and Dylan thank you immensely!

Lauren and Dakota

I went puppy shopping 2 yrs ago come this July. My first stop was Heavensent Aussies and I had to look no further. The environment was great and the puppies were adorable. I planned to only look that day, but I ended up falling in love with a little dark red tri female. I chose Dakota from Corky's litter and she has been the best companion a girl could ask for. She travels with me to and from Ann Arbor Michigan where I go to school. She's great at traveling (whether by plane or car) and loves her outdoors activities. I take her everywhere: from Petsmart and out playing in the snow in the local park to canoeing down the Alafia. Wherever we go I always get several people commenting on how beautiful she is. She truly is my best friend and I couldn't ask for a healthier, more amazing aussie.

Thanks for everything Judy!

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