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It AMAZES me how quickly time flys!!  We were actually just playing with Sage in this morning and started laughing because we realized he is rounding 1 year old.  Everything has been absolutely wonderful. He is the biggest love and has Brandon wrapped around his little paw.  Finally came around to the idea of swimming about mid summer, partly to play with our lab and partly to get out of the heat!  He loves it now and we can barely keep him dry.

Liz, Brandon, Sage and Sam

Kallie is wonderful.  She is so funny.  I'd say she is definitely my daughter's dog.  They are inseparable! 

Kallie rarely barks....she does more of a 'puff' as we call it.  It's too funny.  We can't quite figure out where that comes from, but she does bark when she sees fit, so I guess it's just her unique personality. 

She LOVES to play frisbee and run around with the kids.  She is great at catching!  And loves to swim and play 'doink ball' (volleyball) in the pool.  She is absolutely beautiful and so caring, loving and a wonderful family companion. 

Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.  I'm sure we will always have aussies in our lives!


Katie ~ Red Tri Service Dog

I was working a dog show at the Lakeland Center June of 2006: little did I know my life was about to change. I ran into Al and Jan (Saber and Tux). Al introduced me to the aussie breed. I fell in love with them. He told me about Heavensent. The next morning I begged my wife to go look. She thought I'd lost my mind. We headed to Polk City in a bad storm (How we arrived at his name). Judy gave us the Grand tour of the place. It was very clean. The love Judy has for all her animals and people showed. We feel like part of her family. Storm is our pride and joy. Storm is very loving, easy to train. He loves kids and animals. Storm loves to go to the IPOC dog club, agility, camping. We will return for a new pup from Heavensent. The foundation and love Judy gives can not be beat. We highly recommend Judy and Heavensent for the best pup. You will not regret it.

Garrett and Connie

This is my girl, Katie. She is a wonderful service dog and has been such a quick learner. Katie has a sweet temperment and loves to please. She gets along well with dogs, cats and children. She loves people but will warn me if she is concerned about some one coming up behind me. Though I still miss Cassie, my first hearing dog, I can tell you Katie is very much loved and has become a fine hearing/service dog. She is loved and respected by all who know her. She gets alot of attention in stores and restaurants because of her beauty and obedience. It's hard keeping people from petting her. Sometimes I do release her for a pet or two. Thank you for having such fine dogs. I recommend you often and hope others will take advantage of your fine dogs. Katie as you know is out of Glory and Power Ranger. She has her Mom's beautiful color but her head and conformation is like her Dad's. She will be 18 ms old in July.

Thanks Again, Love and Blessings,
Carole and Katie (Hearing Dog Team)

Katie ~ Red Tri Service Dog
Hearing/Service Dog Katie
Katie is wearing a Gentle Leader.
A Gentle Leader is a head collar,
"NOT a muzzle", and is a wonderful training tool.
Learn more about the
Gentle Leader by clicking here.

Gentle Leaders can be purchased online at Petsmart.com

UPDATE: Katie is a wonderful dog and has been so helpful. She makes our hearing dog team special. She is amazing. She was the best at the Yakov show in Branson, Mo. They gave us a seat in front of an aisle where a motercycle came by. She is so good at her work that she didn't react to the motorcycle. The ushers were worried when they saw where they seated us. As usual Katie was perfect and amazed everyone. Thank you so much for breeding dogs that make such dependable and lovable service dogs./p>


Tux & Saber
Tux and Saber

In 2003, my husband and I went out to see two litters of Heavensent puppies on the recommendation of a well known Aussie breeder here in Lakeland. (She had no puppies at the time.) We were looking for a dog for my husband. Unlike when we have purchased dogs before, we chose this fella at a day old. We were concerned that picking so early, we wouldn't know anything about the puppy's personality. Needless to say, we have never looked back, and, in fact, went back about 6 months later and bought a black tri male. These dogs have wonderful personalities and gather compliments wherever we go with them. My black tri has been in the conformation show ring (AKC and ASCA) as a puppy and is being shown by my husband in obedience rally along with the blue merle. I am showing the blue merle in agility in AKC, UKC and ASCA. You definitely purchase love when you buy a Heavensent Aussie.
Jan Whittle

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