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Special Delivery!

I promised Judy I would write her a fabulous testimonial after I met her for the first time and picked up my male Black-Tri puppy from her. Nine months have passed since that day, but I will never forget what a remarkable person Judy was and her passion for Aussies. In fact, I would recommend Judy (and her business) to anybody seeking a pure bread puppy. In fact I recommend Judy so highly that I got on a plane, rented a car, and flew to FL there and back in one day to purchase my puppy from her. It probably cost me just as much to travel so far to get my puppy as the dog cost itself!

I decided for my college graduation gift I truly wanted a puppy, but not just any puppy. Growing up my family had an Aussie named Maggie for 14 years and 2 years before she passed we got another Aussie puppy named Chase. I have loved these dogs all my life and knew I wanted to get one of my very own. As I researched the internet I came across Judy's website, heavensentaussies.com. The website said a new puppy litter was coming soon so I called Judy immediately. After speaking with Judy for a few minutes my heart was set on getting my puppy from her and her farm. I put down a deposit almost immediately! I was so impressed with Judy that I couldn't imagine getting my dog anywhere else.

Judy sent me updates and even pictures of my puppy since he was 3 days old to 8 weeks old. She has a remarkable passion and talent for what she does with her dogs. I can't emphasis enough her immaculate expertise in breeding/caring for Australian Shepherds. I've had my puppy, Murphy, for nine months now and I can't imagine life without him. He is very naturally smart and is a great looking dog, I get compliments all the time! He loves all people but is a very intelligent loyal companion. He is perfect in so many ways I wouldn't change a thing about him even if I could. Thank you Judy for giving me the best friend I ever had, I can't thank you enough for how you and Murphy have changed my life!

-Karly McIntosh and Murphy's Law ( 04-02-2011)

Judy Happy New year! I hope all is well and this year is filled with blessings for you and your family.

I cannot believe how quickly a year has gone by. Solomon is amazing. Judy you would be so proud. As you know I have always had Aussies, always had Blue Merles. When we decided to add another Aussie to our family, my husband requested a Black-Tri. We contacted you and wanted a big boy. When you called and said you had him we all got excited as anyone would with a puppy on the way!

I watched him grow and always the skeptic, I wandered if he would be as great as the others. Solomon had big shoes to fill and fill them he did. Solomon is amazing, at a year he still has a great deal of "puppy" in him but he is 100% a part of this family. He guards my son as a daily job, if you see Dominic, you see Solomon. They do everything together. Once it is bedtime, Solomon will not leave my son's room for any reason. He is there until morning when they both get up, both eat breakfast and both load up in the truck to go to school!

Solomon plays wonderful. He climbs, I have never had an Aussie that climbed. Solomon can climb anything! Nothing is too tall or too steep. But what you have to see is Solomon swim. He swims under the water, not over it, under it. People always stop when they see the dog jump in the water and disappear! He comes up and goes back down!

After we take his brother to school, we continue on to the barn to ride. He is an awesome trail dog. Solomon stays close and watches for everything. He has had a huge advantage of having an older Aussie show him the ropes but Solomon is truly a blessing. His speed and agility are both amazing to watch. We ride for hours and he leads the way.

True to the Aussie breed Solomon truly defines unconditional love. How much he loves my son and us is so special. You do not even know he is in the house, he has impeccable manners and is just a love. Solomon is very cautious but once he knows you are good he will shower you with love.

Solomon is big and beautiful but more than that, he is ours. Everyone loves Solomon. We love Solomon. We could not have special ordered a more perfect dog. This dog truly was Heavensent. Judy your time and dedication to the breed is deeply appreciated. You do not sell puppies, you extend families.

All of our love,
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Alexander

Having Maverick in my life has been a complete joy. When I first started to looking into getting a dog I originally wanted a border collie, I love how intelligent and hard working they are. My family already has one border collie named Lucy and finding a companion for her was one of my goals. When I met your dogs I knew that what I was really looking for was an Australian Shepard. Maverick truly embodies every quality I was looking for and exceeded my expectations. Personally this is my first dog and having Maverick couldn't have made the experience more enjoyable. I set out to find a dog that could embody all the qualities I was looking for; a dog who is intelligent, kind hearted, playful and reliable. What I truly found was a companion.
Thank you!  
Andrea & Maverick
My husband and I are Aussie lovers. We had 2 Aussies, ages 15 and 11. Sadly, we lost our 15 year old, TJ, in March of 2009. She was the love of our life! I never knew my heart could feel so much pain or feel so empty. We could see that our 11 year old Aussie, Coconut, was grieving too. My husband began to search the internet for Australian Shepherds just looking for a way to smile. That is when he ran across Heavensent Aussies website. Wow, he was impressed! He also saw that Heavensent had a litter of puppies on hand. Out of nine in the litter, only one (#7) was not reserved. Lucky # 7 looked just like TJ as a puppy. Although I was not ready to “replace” TJ, my husband convinced me to go see the puppies just to put a smile on my face. We drove 3 hours to Heavensent. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by a herd of the most beautiful and well behaved Aussies. Then we went to the nursery where we were met by 15 puppies, each more beautiful than the next, healthy and impeccable clean! The grounds are immaculate! After meeting Judy and Hancock, it was evident that Heavensent is a labor of love and that every Aussie brought into this world is truly heaven sent and will forever be a member of Judy and Hancock’s family. We met Lucky #7, and it didn’t take long for us to realize that he was heaven sent directly to help mend our broken hearts. Two weeks later, lucky #7, whom we named Rasta Irie, was on his way to his new family. He has such a sweet disposition; he adjusted immediately as though he knew he was home. He is beautiful and very popular! His good looks and personality draws more attention than any A-list Hollywood celebrity! To top it off, he is soooo smart! Although TJ will forever be in our hearts, Rasta has mended our broken hearts and put smiles back on all of our faces. Thank you Judy and Hancock for bringing Rasta into our lives!

Let me begin by saying I Love Aussies! My story begins with a wonderful dog named Jake. He was our beloved Blue Merle of 13 years. This past year he became ill and we had to put him to sleep. He truly was the best dog, and I really had no intentions of trying to replace him, but our family just seemed incomplete.

My black tri, Joey was very depressed and lonely, and I soon realized something would have to be done. Well, as fate would have it, a friendly mail lady saw Joey and I in the front yard and commented on him. When I told her our story, she mentioned a wonderful place called Heavensent Aussies. I really didn’t think I was ready, but came inside and went to the website. I was so taken by all the beautiful dogs and puppies ! I emailed Judy and requested to be on the mailing list…after all, what could that hurt, right?

Well, a few weeks later, it arrived. An email announcing the newest litter in the Heavensent family! From the moment I saw him, the little red merle caught my eye. I thought I wanted a blue merle, like my Jake, but I just couldn’t take my eyes off this sweet little red and white guy! I talked to Judy for quite some time, discussing our family life, and what we were looking for in a puppy. Another litter was due any day as well, but Judy assured me that this puppy’s disposition would fit us perfectly. She was so up front and knowledgable about the breed, and about the personality and temperament of both the mother and father to this litter.

Well, I was hooked! Rusty was ours! For the next 8 weeks, thanks to weekly pictures and notes from Karen and many talks with Judy, we watched Rusty grow into a fluffy teddy bear!! When the day arrived to pick him up, I made the 3 hour trip to get him and was so excited when I arrived! As I drove up, I was greeted by the most beautiful group of Aussies, all shapes and sizes, running free. The puppies were all I expected as well, and my Rusty was clean and fresh and ready to go!! Judy was so warm and friendly and she took me on a tour of her property. I was so impressed at how clean everything was and so well organized as well!

Since coming into our life, Rusty has blossomed into an awesome little dog, and he and Joey are quickly becoming best of friends. Even my four cats are falling in love! And Judy was so right… he is just perfect for our family. I continue to keep in touch with Judy, as she loves to hear how all the pups are doing. I cant thank her enough for coming into our lives ….Rusty was just what we needed, and I truly believe he was “Heavensent”……..

For years I had wanted a Border Collie, not an Aussie. After looking for a very long time,I got an Aussie. I knew nothing of the breed, though I researched and realized it was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to do agility, and maybe even obedience. I never knew that I was getting such a little package that would be my best friend in the world. I orginally wanted a blue merle, yes the flashy colors or a merle were definately what I wanted. When I contacted Judy though, she only had a red tri left for me. A red tri that was beautiful from the first moment I laid my eyes on her.We sent in the deposit and Mrs Judy sent pictures every week as my puppy grew. I finally picked a name for her as well, Aiden. It felt like forever until we went and picked up Aiden in 2004.

I was so excited when we pulled up onto Judy's property, it was so big and beautiful. I couldn't BELIEVE the amount of dogs she had and how well behaved and absolutely clean and amazing her place was. I knew that we had gotten a puppy from the right breeder. I never thought somebody with this many dogs would have them so well behaved and -- clean! And it wasnt just the dogs. How this one women could fit so much of her life and time into everything needed to be done. I was just blown away. When she handed me Aiden though, I was absolutely in love instantly. This was my puppy, and I knew we were going to do great things togther. She was named Heavensent Fire Born Aiden.

NEEDLESS to say, I trained and spent everyday with Aiden and we only bonded more. She was amazing. Protective of me, full of energy, and I could take her anywhere, she was so behaved and so so smart.

I got pregnant with my first child, my son. We got another dog for Aiden and my coming son - we named him Dallas. Now, Aiden raised Dallas, and kept watch over me and the baby. And when we brought my son Colin home, it was as if it was her baby. She was SO good with him. She would pick up his bottle without being told, bring me a diaper when I asked. Stay by his side when he was learning to crawl. She taught our other dog Dallas to treat the baby right and what to do. I was amazed. I never even had to train her to do any of it. She really is just another piece of me and I'm so so proud of her.

When I had my daugther and brought her home, Aiden was waiting right there. Like she knew. And since then, she has been my daugther's companion, helped my daugther learn to walk, is her poke and play thing. She has not snapped, not once, at me or my daugther or my son. Everybody else beware, she is very protective of my children and me. She is simply amazing, and I couldnt ever ask for anything more.

I couldn't begin to explain how looking at her just makes me smile. Judy gave me something truly heavensent. She is the angel for my children, and my savior on more than one occasion. My daugther had recently been sick in November this year [2008], and she threw up in her crib and was on her back. She is a year old, and was choking. If Aiden hadnt started barking and pawing at the crib and raising a riot, I wouldn't have ever known because I was in the restroom. She saved my life,and my daugther's life. She is my all around angel and if it wasnt for Judy -- I would have ever had her. It is obvious how much love she puts into the parents of every puppy she gives homes.

Judy's dogs are truly heavensent. I wouldnt trade my companion, my sweetheart, our angel, for anything. She can do anything. She's simply amazing, and I couldn't ever thank Judy enough for her. She's worth everything to me and my children, and I couldn't thank Judy enough for giving me, literally, another part of me in the form of a red tri puppy.


Well when I started 4-H with Bailey I quickly made friends. One of my friends had this dog that I fell head over heels for the moment I saw him. So I talked to my friend to learn more about her dog and then I discovered my new favorite breed was something called an Australian Shepherd. So after talking to my friend and drooling over Aussies at shows, my friend started to talk about "Heavensent Aussies" so I went home and googled it and found them.

Now at the time I was blind to the world of "breeders" because my mom had always gotten her Goldens either by rescuing or newspaper. By this time I had wanted an Aussie for about 2 yrs, so I emailed Judy about this black tri pup I saw of hers from a litter that I adored, so she invited me to come up and meet the pups and the gang, and I did.

Judy is the nicest breeder I will EVER come across. She has since done SO much for me, its not even funny. She could tell how much I wanted an Aussie and neither of us gave up. So after my mom turning down the black tri pup, I saw "Heavensent Let Freedom Ring" he was this STUNNING blue merle, as I have always been partial to them so to me he was "drop-dead" handsome. But alas my mom turned him down too, so after 2 attempts failed I thought "The third time's a charm" so after waiting for that special dog to appear on the "Available" page there she was: "Heavensent Mascara By Maybelline" she was a beautiful blue merle with the most stunning eyes I had ever seen. So after inquiring about her and asking my mom, she said NO again.

So that was it for me, I was starting to lose hope until that one faithful day when I got an email from Judy saying it was urgent and I needed to call her right away, So of course I did and little did i know what awaited for me, It was Mercy. Judy had wanted me to call so she could offer me Mercy. After a long conversation/discussion with my mom, she finally agreed. So the next day my cousin took me to pick Mercy up before training. I fell in love with Mercy the moment i saw her. By time we got home that night she had already became my shadow; she followed me everywhere and watched my every move.

To this day, which is only months later we have become the best of friends and a great team with already having earned 3 titles in 1 month. Judy's dogs are obviously well-loved and well taken care of, as stated in other testimonials. Her kennels are spotless, I got to meet every one of her dogs singly and they all were well-behaved loving Aussies that all they wanted to do was give you Aussie-kisses.

I thank Judy and the Heavensent Gang for giving me the opportunity to have such an wonderful dog as Heavensent Mercy Mercy Me. She is my shadow, my friend, my companion, my champion, my protector and my jewel. Even after I brought her home I got occasional calls to make sure everything was going well. I could not ask for a better breeder or dog. I wouldn’t doubt it if I brought home another Heavenset Aussie in a few years.

Shelby & Mercy

I have read all of the testimonials posted before, and they all strike a very familiar cord. There is no one that I have met or spoken to that does not absolutely love their Heavensent Aussie(s), and I am no exception.

In 2006, I lost my best friend of 13 years – a beautiful blue merle named Jaycie – to a degenerative heart valve. After she died, I knew that I could not be “aussie-less” for very long, so my search began. I searched websites, made phone calls, and spoke to everyone I could find. Then, God led me to the Heavensent Aussies website – and to Judy Hancock.

The moment I heard the name, there was a peace in my spirit, and I knew that I was looking in the right place. I spoke to Judy, and she invited me to her home. I had never been to a breeder’s facility before, since my first aussie had been purchased out of a playpen at a horse show, and I found my second through a friend, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I found, though, surpassed all I could hope for. The kennels were spotless… if you had not seen the 25 or so dogs there, you would not know that there was even one around. I also got introduced to each of Judy’s dogs one by one, and then got to see the pack in action. I remember being so amazed as I watched all of her breeding males run and play together with not even one growl or nip. It would have been difficult to believe if I had not seen it myself. Then the boys went away, and the girls came out, and it was exactly the same. I had more “lap visits” that day (from the boys and the girls) than I had experienced in many years, and it convinced me that what Judy said about her dogs was true – temperament and personality were her most important traits to breed for.

As I got to know one dog after the next, I fell in love all over again, and became certain that my next best friend was going to be a Heavensent puppy. When I got the call from Judy that a litter had been born, and that she had a red merle girl for me to look at, I could hardly contain myself. At just three days old, I set out for a totally new experience. I wondered, as did others, how you pick a puppy at such a young age. I can only say that when I held Chelsea in my hands for the first time, I knew immediately that she was the one God intended to be mine. I visited her every week, and Karen was wonderful and sent me lots and lots of pictures. When it was time to bring Chelsea home, there were no words to describe my excitement. My friends and coworkers, who all knew and loved Jaycie, were also anxious to meet my new little girl.

There were, of course, adjustments to make at first. In fact, I very quickly learned what it means to have a “high drive” dog. At first I was not quite sure what to do with all that energy, but I soon was united with a wonderful trainer who showed me the wonders and talents that come right alongside that high drive. I had never shown a dog before, but Judy, Karen, and Hopey all convinced me that I could do it, so off we went. In exactly one year of showing, Chelsea has earned five titles in Agility and Rally Obedience, and has been certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. She is also on her way to three more AKC titles. She is the love of my life, and I thank God for Judy and Heavensent Aussies for the opportunity to own such an awesome dog.

But this very long story does not end there, because less than a year after bringing Chelsea home, I had an itch in my heart to get her a little sister, so back to Judy’s we went. I told her what I was looking for with my next puppy, and when there was a litter born, Judy called and told me that she had my new little girl waiting to meet me. I had a very similar experience when I held Izzie for the first time. She has the same Mommy as Chelsea, but a different Daddy… and both of my girls look exactly like their Daddies. Needless to say, I was hooked immediately, and 8 weeks later, we brought home Chelsea’s baby sister.

I have to say that raising the second one has been a bit easier. Chelsea has taken the brunt of “puppy teeth” and playtime, and I have been able to enjoy the snuggling and kisses. Izzie just turned a year, and is getting it done in the show ring as well. She earned her first Rally Obedience title at just six months of age, and hasn’t stopped since. She now holds three titles, needs only one “leg” for her fourth, and is also an AKC Canine Good Citizen. We are going to start her agility training this summer, so I hope she’ll be getting to play on the agility fields this fall along with Chelsea.

You can see by their pictures that both of these girls are beautiful, and I can also say that they are kind, loving, smart, talented, and loyal – and what more could a mom ask for. My girls are a testament to the love and wisdom that Judy uses in her breeding program - and during the eight weeks that she has custody of our new kids. Judy is a very special lady, and wiser than most people I know. I have recommended Judy’s dogs to everyone that will listen, and will continue to do so. If you are looking for dogs that have it all, you need look no further than Heavensent. We love you Grandma Judy… Sherri, Chelsea, & Izzie

Greetings to all of Heavensent Aussies clients and prospective clients,

I am writing this letter to everyone who loves Australian Shepherds and dogs in general and from a slightly different viewpoint than many of you have heard before. My love of dogs and in particular Aussies has been my lifes work for more that 20 years now. I am a practicing Veterinarian and have owned at least one Aussie during that entire time. I have been around literally hundreds of our beloved Aussies during the 25 plus years dating back to my undergraduate days. Many of you who already know and love the breed probably know more about the breed traits than I do and don’t need any help understanding the absolutely endearing qualities of this breed. Some of you who are new to the breed may benefit from some discussion pertaining to their traits and I would love to talk to you personally about them. You may contact me at RMDVM@MSN.COM if you need any advice about your potential choice of an Australian Shepherd for you and your family.
My wife Lisa and I met Judy by telephone at first then after Judy successfully answered my questions about her dogs we made the trip to Heavensent. I could tell right away, without ever meeting her in person that this lady was special. Her background with animals and her excitement about her kennel sold me without even visiting but we were both all the more impressed once we saw the kennel area, which is immaculate.
We met each dog individually on the premises and could not believe how well adjusted and well socialized they were. Not only were they spectacularly well-behaved but each dog acted as if we were old friends! This is behaviour that I would expect from a kennel of Golden Retrievers but not NECESSARILY from a herding breed. For even extremely well-bred Aussies to behave this way is an absolute testimonial to Judys hard work and LOVE of these magnificent dogs!
With regard to our awesome babies, Maverick and Trooper have proven to be everything we expected and much more. Maverick has earned his name honestly in that he has a touch of an independent streak but he LOVES his people. He lights up like a Christmas tree around my wife and kids! Trooper is perhaps even at his young age the most gentle and loving dog I have had the pleasure of loving at my home. Time will tell but both of them are well on their way to becoming INCREDIBLE adult dogs. Lisa and I have four children whose ages range from 13 to 19 years of age and they all adore these two pups. We have two daughters away in college and both of them demand that they get frequent updates in the form of new photos of their new canine friends at home!

In summary it would be impossible to fully describe my confidence in Judy and Heavensent Aussies. It is also not possible to thoroughly describe the positive impact these two gorgeous puppies have had on our pet and human family. We love you and admire you Judy! Your love and devotion to your dogs is second to none!

With great respect,
Rob and Lisa Martin

I wanted to take a moment to tell the whole world what a great adopting experience I had with Judy. Our family decided we wanted a dog after losing our German Shepard two years ago. After much research we decided on an Australian Sheperd. After searching the local papers and the internet we halted our search after speaking to Judy.

I spoke to several breeders all over the state of Florida and to be quite frank I found them all very strange in the way they wanted to "size up my family." I found Judy very open and to the point. Judy expressed a true love for her aussie family and invited my family to come visit anytime we were in the area.

In December of 2007 my two boys and I arrived at Judy's home unannounced. The property was immaculate. I was AMAZED at Judy's family of aussies. The property did not smell like a dog and you could probably have eaten off the floors of the kennels they were so clean. My family was able to meet every aussie Judy had on their property. It became evident to me this was definitely the place I wanted to adopt my new puppy. Every aussie was well behaved and very friendly. The love these aussies showed Judy was beyond any words could describe.

While we were there that day we fell in love with two aussie puppies and ended up adopting both. We named the black tri Onyx and the red tri Caliber.

My family ended up visiting with our puppies two more times before bringing them home. Every time we arrived it was unannounced and the property was always clean. I thought I was going to have my hands full and everyone in my immediate ring of family and friends told me I was crazy. But Onyx and Caliber have been a pleasure to have around.

Having two aussies has been easier then I had expected. Onyx and Caliber are very smart and both have different personalities. I have them in obedience training (puppy training) and they are VERY easy to train. They catch on very quickly and DO NOT forget a thing. Both puppies are totally house broken. I am sure all this satisfaction I am reaping now is due to Judy's tender love and care.

After we brought the puppies home Judy and staff called us every night to make sure everything was going well. They even gave us some great advice with a few problem areas we were having and their advice worked. I even enjoyed the pictures they sent us every week as the puppies grew while we were waiting to adopt them.

To Judy and all the Heavensent Staff please keep up the excellent work. The puppies you create are loving and would make any home as happy as Onyx and Caliber have made ours. We absolutely love and adore them and they are such a pleasure to come home to after a long hard day at work. I even take lunches at home now which I never use to just to spend that extra hour with them........We are very touched to be a part of such a great family......The kind of family only "Heaven can Send." We can never thank you enough...

All Our Love,
The Champion Family

Dear Judy,

Thank you so much for giving Gemmy to us. She is such a great big bundle of joy and has brought our large family closer together. We all can't get enough of her, and she can't get enough of us. Gemmy is great with the family and very friendly with other dogs. She is extremely intelligent and sweet. Everyone that sees Gemmy, loves her. We all tell them that she was an angel from Heaven Sent Aussies! We are so glad that we have Gemmy, and we don't know what we'd do with out her.

Sincerely, The Framptons
P.S. We LOVE Heaven Sent Aussies

Hi this is T-Bone! He is my doggy, my brother and most importantly my friend. My dad and I adopted T-bone in 2003. I wanted to get a girl dog to be my companion but, then I saw this little two day old boy laying with his brothers and sisters and I fell in love. I was sooooooooooooooooo sure that he was the one for us I just knew that he was for me and I was for him forever and ever.

Now T-bone is three years old and all I can say about the past three years is that they have been the best three years of my life because of my little T-bone. I'm just sooo grateful to Judy for letting my dad and I to adopt one of her little angels. T-bone has turned out great, he is very well behaved. The thing he loves the most in the world is giving his daddy hugs . He adores his daddy soooooo much. He adores me a lot, too.

When we take him to the dog park T-bone is the first to start running around, then he gets daddy to run around with him. He loves that. Last Christmas T-bone got a stuffed reindeer and he loves I mean absolutely loves playing with it and daddy. T-bone`s birthday is in a few months January 9th. He will be 4 years old. What a big boy he is going to be.

To Judy, all I ever wanted was a dog, a friend, someone to help me though the bad times, and someone to share the good times with. I just have to say thanks you gave me that and soooooooo much more thank you soooo much for all the joy and happiness you brought me with T-bone. I'm sooooo grateful You're the best and thanks!

We are so enjoying Harley! He is so smart and a true joy!

To all who are looking for that "special friend" to complete their family, I have had an Aussie in my life since 1977. We lost our last boy to cancer one year ago & finally decided it was time to fill the huge void in our hearts. We had very specific requirements & searched diligently for months for the right breeder. I have to tell you, Judy & Heavensent Aussies far exceeded our requirements and expectations! Her kennel is spotless, her dogs a testament to conscientious breeding, she holds herself to the highest standards, and she does an exemplary job of socializing her puppies. Her dogs are a wonderful example of the breed; handsome, smart, happy, charming, funny, loyal & a joy to be around. They are the essence of what an Aussie should be.

I hope you have the opportunity to meet Judy and Hancock & make one of their "family" your own. You'll be forever grateful, I know I am.

Suzi Molasso

After adopting our first Australian Shepherd "Lucas" from a breeder in Kentucky, we had fallen in love with "Aussies". We moved to Florida and one of our older dogs Kayla suffered a stroke. I lost my best friend of 14 years. Earlier in the year prior to this, we had gotten a business card from our Veterinarian, regarding Heavensent. Well after losing my Kayla... I checked out the web site and emailed Judy. I was surprised to find out that pups had just been born! We drove out to see.

I thought as I am driving down this dirt road ... where in the bleep are we going! To my surprise, what a place Judy has! Peace just flows over you. I know that sounds corny, but I am not kidding. I was amazed. Judy introduced every dog to us one by one. CLEAN ... oh is it clean! So off we went to see the pups.

Only 2 weeks old..... it was hard, but ... there she was, a black Tri..... perfect in all her 2 weeks of age." Heavensent Dream Catchers Mackenzie" is her big ole name.... "Kenzie" for short. So I do believe in my heart that Kayla sent Mackenzie to me. The timing and the things that happened... she is literally sent from Heaven.

The love of animals is evident with Judy. It is clearly a remarkable place and one you will gladly share with people you meet.. I know, I drag everybody I know out with me when I visit and they are as blown away as I am. I highly recommend Heavensent as your source for a top notch dog!

This little girl has learned to sit on command already, she mastered the doggy door on her 2nd day home and uses it to go out to potty, she fetches the ball already too.... and her big Aussie brother loves her to pieces. This little girl is only 10 weeks old...can you imagine 6 months old when she learns to drive my Dodge Hemi! I have no doubt that she could. I am so proud and very happy....

Thank you Judy and Crew!
Michelle... Mackenzie's proud mom!

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