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Heavensent Aussies are out and about accomplishing great things!
Please browse through our boasts and brags to see what our Awesome Aussies have been doing!


Chelsea & Sherri earned their 19th title this weekend! Chelsea holds 4 rally titles and FIFTEEN agility titles!

Congrats to Chelsea & Sherri!


Lora and Gator made their agility debut in April 09! Gator got her very first "Q" in CPE agility!

Congrats to Lora and Gator on a great show!


Jan and Saber earned Saber's UKC GRAND CHAMPION AGILITY title in May 2009!

Congrats to Jan and Saber on this amazing accomplishment!

Congratulations to
Sherri & Izzie!


Izzie has been busy learning and earning her fair share of titles with Mom, Sherri! Izzie's title count now stands at ELEVEN!

They have three CPE titles and 5 AKC titles (3 Rally, 2 Agility, and 1 Obedience).


Shelby and UKC Ch. Heavensent Mercy Mercy Me, CD, RN, CGC "Mercy" participated in Novice Showmanship and Rally Advanced at the 2009 Florida State Fair. This team placed 2nd out of 15 teams, and 1st in Rally Advanced with scores of 197/200 (Juniors) and 198/200 (Rally).

We were also awarded with 2nd place Senior Champion Youth.

Congratulations to Shelby & Mercy!


Izzie and Sherri earned Izzie's RAE title in August 2009! Congrats to both of them for their hard work! Izzie now had FIFTEEN titles! She has 5 obedience titles, and 10 agility titles.

WooHoo! You go girls! We are so proud of all of your accomplishments!

Congrats to Sherri and Izzie!


Kaylie and Cayenne earned Cayenne's first AKC agility title in May 2009!

Congrats to Kaylie & Cayenne on this accomplishment!


Shelby and Mercy made their AKC agility debut in April 09! They placed first in their jumpers class their first time out!

Mercy and Shelby competed in a ASCA Show in Alt. Con and Jrs. and Mercy went Best of Winners in trial one of Altered Conformation!

Congrats to Shelby and Mercy on a job well done!

Congratulations to
Sherri & Chelsea!


Chelsa and Sherri have earned Chelsea's AKC excellent jumpers title! Their title count now stands at SEVENTEEN! They have 2 ASCA agility titles, 5 CPE agility titles and 10 AKC rally/agility titles!

Kaylie & Heavensent A Red Hot Pepper "Cayenne" have started competing in CPE agility. They have earned Cayenne's first 3 CPE titles: Strategy Games L1 and Fun Games L1, Handler Games L1.

Congratulations to
Kaylie & Cayenne!



Jan & Tux won their class in the Novice Obedience Finals at the 35th Anniversary Australian Shepherd National Specialty Trials in Las Vegas.

Tux and Jan have also earned Tux's UCDX!

We are so very proud of Jan and Tux! Tux is our first National Champion!

Jan and Tux!


Sherri, Chelsea and Izzie competed at recent CPE and AKC trials at Pasco Paws. They earned multiple ribbons and placements.

Chelsea earned her very first CPE title. Woo Hoo!

You Go Girls! We are so proud of the three of you!

Congratulations to
Sherri, Izzie and Chelsea!

Tux and Jan were on the winning team at DOCOF (Dog Obedience Club of Florida) this past weekend. There were 39 teams competing in this event.  Tux and Jan are members of the Road Runner team.

Tux and Jan also tied for 1st place in the Novice class out of 100+ dogs with a 197.5.  They placed 2nd after the run-off.

CONGRATS to Tux and Jan on this awesome accomplishment!


Sherri and Chelsea earned Chelsea's RAE title on 8/26/08 in St. Pete! WooHoo!

This awesome team completed 10 double Q's in Rally Advanced AND Rally Excellent!

You Go Girls! We are so proud of Sherri and Chelsea!

Congratulations to
Sherri and Chelsea!

Rally Novice Title!!

Junior Handler Lora Bass and her six month old sidekick Gator are starting their show career in style! They earned a first place blue ribbon on their first weekend in the rally ring, and earned Gator's Rally Novice title at their 2nd show!

Lora and Gator make a great team and have a wonderful show career ahead of them! We are so proud of this young team!

Lora & Gator!

Katie & Shine


Junior Handler Katie Bissett and her faithful companion, Shine, earned Shine's RAE title this past weekend! Dogs earn an RAE title when they "Double Q" in Rally 10 times..meaning they must receive a qualifying score in Rally Advanced and Rally Excellent on the same day 10 times.

This is an AWESOME accomplishment, and we are so proud of Katie and Shine!

Katie and Shine!


Sherri and Izzie earned one year old Izzie's CD title in St. Pete on 5/4/08!

Izzie finished her CD title with two 2nd place finishes and one 3rd place finish!

Izzie and Sherri also earned Izzie's Rally Advanced title on 4/27!

Way to go! We are so proud of Sherri and Izzie!

Congratulations to
Sherri and Izzie!

Sherri & Izzie

Mercy and Shelby went into the Novice Showmanship ring for the first time and got First Place Novice Senior. They are beginning to earn points for Premier next year, and did well in the BIS ring. Their results were awesome and Shelby reports that they had a blast!

Shelby and Mercy!


Junior Handler Shelby and Mercy finished Mercy's CD title on 4/26/08 with a score of 179! Way to go!

See more photos and information on this team at their site by clicking here: Shelby & Mercy

Shelby and Mercy!


Fifth RAE Leg!

Sherri and Izzie have earned Chelsea's Rally Excellent title and are working towards her RAE title! They have earned five RAE legs so far and consistently receive high scores.

We are so proud of Sherri and Chelsea and all of their accomplishments!

Congratulations to
Sherri and Chelsea!

Heavensent Zappidee Do Da, NA, NAJ

Ten year old Kassidee and Zap entered the 2008 Florida State Fair Dog Show in February 2008. They placed first in their class in Showmanship, Rally, and Agility, and 2nd in their class in Obedience. Kassidee was also named as the Junior High Point winner. The team competed in the Champion Youth Program at the Fair and Kassidee was named the 2008 Junior Champion at the State Fair Dog Show!!

Kassidee and Zap competed in AKC Agility in Vero Beach in April 2008. They had TWO DOUBLE Q days and earned Zap's first two titles! Zap now has his Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers titles! The pair moved up to Open Jumpers while in Vero and earned Zap's first Open Jumpers leg!

Kassidee and Zap also competed in the Polk County Youth Fair where they placed 3rd in Showmanship, 1st in Obedience, 2nd in Rally, and 1st in Agility! Zap also competed in Brace with Trooper and Kaylie and together they won first place!

Congratulations to Kassidee and Zap!


Sherri & Izzie earned Izzie's Rally Excellent title on June 20th at IPOC!

These girls finished Izzie's RE title in style with a 2nd place finish!

Sherri & Izzie did a lovely job and we are sooo proud of them!

Sherri & Izzie!


Eleven year old Junior Handler Kassidee Starling & her loyal buddy Zap earned Zap's CD title at the June IPOC show. They finished his title in style, winning first place in the class!

Kassideee also won High Point Junior Handler on both days of the show! We are so proud of this young junior team!

Kassidee & Zap!

UCD Heavensent Mr. Tuxedo,


Tux got his RAE title on April 26, 2008 at IPOC.  He completed 10 qualifications in both Rally Advanced & Rally Excellent in 6 months at 10 trials.  He got 6 1st, 1 2nd, 3 3rd, 6 4th placements and 4 qualifications with no placement.

We are so proud of Jan and Tux! Excellent job!

Jan and Tux!


Kaylie and Trooper competed at IPOC on 4/26/08 in the Obedience Ring. They earned a score of 185.5, which not only gave them Trooper's title, but also 2nd place in the class!

Kaylie participated in Rally Pairs at the IPOC trial with Trooper and Zap. She placed 3rd with the dynamic duo!

Kaylie also earned the award for High Point Junior on both days at the IPOC show as a result of her Obedience runs!

Kaylie & Trooper!

First CD Leg!

Eleven year old Junior Handler Kassidee Starling and her loyal companion Zap entered the Novice Obedience Ring for the first time on 4/26/08. They earned a perfectly respectable score of 183.5, giving Zap his very first leg towards his CD title!

As a bonus, their score was sufficient to earn this Junior team the Fourth Place ribbon and trophy!

Kassidee & Zap also competed in Pre-Novice Obedience and placed 3rd!

Congratulations to
Kassidee and Zap!

Heavensent Me A Trooper, RN, RA, NA, NAJ, CGC

Kaylie and Trooper competed in the 2008 Florida State Fair Dog Show. They placed first in their class in Showmanship and Obedience.

This team also competed in the Champion Youth Program at the State Fair where they placed 3rd in the Senior Champion division!

Kaylie and Trooper competed in the Polk County Youth Fair in February where they placed first in all of their classes: Showmanship, Obedience, Rally, and Brace (with Zap)!

Congratulations Kaylie & Trooper!

Heavensent Miss Isabel, RN, CGC

Sherri and Izzie began competing in Rally in September 2007 when Izzie was just past her 6 month birthday. Izzie qualified in Rally Novice on both days at that trial (placing the first day, and winning her class the 2nd day), then went to another show a few weeks later....and earned her Rally Novice Title...at SIX MONTHS OF AGE!

Izzie has one Advanced Rally leg and will soon compete for her Advanced title. She and Sherri are working on Izzie's obedience and agility skills as well, and will be showing in those events soon!

Congratulations to Sherri and Izzie!


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